Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Day...

Its a new... fresh day. Its Thursday, 20 Sep 2007 and I had planned to attend the CII Logistics 2007 conference which is being held in Chennai, India. But I have to miss the conference as I have important assignments to complete at office... I really wanted to attend this conference. Its a bad miss...I think.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Review of Tamil Movie 'Satham Podathey'

Movie Name: Satham Podathey
Casts: Padmapriya, Nitin Satya, Prithiviraj and others.
Director: SM Vasanth.

On the opening credits the movie shows "an sm vasanth film".... rather it should be "a sm vasanth film"... I do not know how they got this idea!!!.. Strange.

I had read reviews about the film and bought the tickets.... simply because "Ram Gopal Varma ki AAG".... hope you know about the film AAG!!!..

Satham Podathey is a thriller genre with twists and turns... the movie revolves around the heroine Padmapriya.... the director shows that with such a simple story he can make his audience bring to edge of the seats!!!.. Brilliant. On the down side... its the songs that dampens the pace... although you dont see songs in the latter half of the movie. Since there are only few characters in the whole movie it tends slightly towards drama genre... which cannot be helped though.

The story goes like this... Padmapriya gets married to Nitin Satya (a brilliant performance) who is alcoholic psychopath and impotent. Nitin Satya finally gives divorce after Padmapriya is well beaten by him.... must mention the roaring of Nitin Satya when he beats Padmapriya.... there is no violence shown on screen but the acting by Nitin Satya sends chill in your spine.... After quite sometime Padmapriya moves with her brother (dont know exactly where!!) and meeting with Prithiviraj she becomes relaxed, starts to forget her past life. Prithiviraj shows that he can excel in comedy roles too... the dialogues help him to build his character and he does his part with elan.

Later Prithiviraj and Padmapriya get married... settle down.. and this is where the twists and turns begin. The touch of K.Balachander can be seen throughout the whole movie....split shots are used often in the later half which builds the exictement.

The motive behind Nitin Satya abducting Padmapriya is not well defined... so the movie wanders around for a while before the climax starts to set in.

A good tamil movie after a long time without any 'kuthu' song... you know what I mean. Great screenplay, editing could have been better, good score by Yuvan and fine actors lift the film to great heights.

Go see the movie if you like drama/thriller.