Friday, September 05, 2008

Laptop Crash.........

My laptop crashed today..... 05 sep 2008.

I was browsing yesterday, 04 sep 2008 at home and suddenly there was a virus attack...before i could switch out the wireless modem..... the virus sat on the laptop.

Today I tried to clean up the virus with Antivirus software...... but I think that made thing worse and finally the system will not boot up. It is a rest day for the laptop!!!!!!!!!!! finally....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Title of the blog.

Do you think I should change the title of my blog? If yes, can you suggest some blog titles for me.... as far as I know I am scribbling that is coming to my mind.... and thats my title of the blog.....

Do you also think if I change the title I would get more comments?

I love to hear any kind of comments on my blog..... I will be more inspired to write....err... scribble. :)

Magic Box......

It's a magic box... a pandora box.... once you open it you cannot close it... you will get whatever you want.... practically anything... everyone has in their houses.... almost everyone has forgot to socialize or even talk with neighbours... childrens forget there is a playing ground.... that there is a sports world outside... any guesses?

u guessed it right! it's the gr8 Television....T.V. I would say invention of the century.... it ties you up... anyone can easily get addicted to it.... the varities of channels for our view is unlimited.... and the news is a new tamil (regional language) channel is to be on air from monday, 08 september 2008.... cartoons, movies, regional language, travel & living, adventure, sports, religious, fashion and what not!!!... you will get to see everything and anything inside this box..... what a magic box!!!!!!!!!

The motive for writing this came to me because I feel I am addicted to it............... got a holiday on ganesh chathurthi (god with a elephant head) and started to watch TV from morning and was able to switch off only for a few hours in the afternoon.... again started the pandora box around 6.00 pm in the evening and it ran until 11.30 pm......... didn't step outside of the house during that day.... pathetic....... my world has shrunk into a rectangle box....called TV.

I guess most of you are doing the same thing......... how to get rid of this????? any kind of ideas are welcome - bright, funny, silly, confusing ..... all kinds are welcome.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Current Affairs.... Despair IV

Orissa, East India:

Almost forget to mention the clashes in Orissa... This communal clashes has become mandatory once in a while reminding us of the innocent suffering caused to human lives. When will these religious leaders wake up and act responsibly?

I believe the root cause of the problem lies in formal education... Orissa is a backward state on east coast of India where agriculture is major industry. Poor people are taken advantage by both the religions who are clashing now.... If the govt., can provide formal education free of cost to the rural people this type of communal clashes can be totally eradicated. In Tamilnadu where the caste take preference had caste based clashes in the early 70's and 80's but now Tamilnadu is safe state where the literacy is primary concern of each household. Eventhough there are small incidents they are controlled & defused by the police & state govt within days. But in Orissa this is spreading..... why? because of rumor mongers... rumor spreads thick and fast... people who are illiterate do not fear of the consequences because they do not know they are lighting the fire on their own house!!!!

Current Affairs.... Despair III

Singur, East India:

Singur has now gained world prominence..... thanks to Mamata Banarjee... actually the thanks should have gone to the Tatas.... for the Nano, the world's cheapest car which was suppose to roll out from Singur plant. Now that Mamata is keen on driving out Tatas from Singur, West Bengal as a state will further sink down in rating for investment.

On the economic front the tata plant should have been a gr8 opportunity for the region in the long run.... A major factory creates direct employment for a few but the indirect employment gains are a lot momentum... the economic activity in that region would have gained prominence like road, communication, transportation, real estate and others business associated with the plant. If tata's had been a success the other automobile factories would have shown interest in West Bengal... which means more investment and more employment. It will be a major loss for the state if Tata's decide to pull out.... which I doubt because of the investment made in Singur.

On the sociological front as per the claims of Mamata the land is grabbed from the residents and given to Tata in a hurry. If this was the case why did she allow the plant to be built at the first place? She went on a fast earlier this year, against the plant and compromised a while later. She is now again taken the baton to drive the Tata's out. Is this stunt only for political gain? If this is true then how would the multinationals come in for investment? They look at India and not as a seperate state. We are on a economic growth path which can grow when others from the outside world especially the developed nation particpate in it.

Current Affairs.... Despair II

Bihar Floods, North India:
The next affair is the Bihar floods... It's been 15 days since the flood and no one is aware of the flood until Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declares it as 'National Calamity'. What were the news channels doing??? They were busy catching up the flares of J&K curfew and Amarnath land row because that is more interesting!!!... Where is the Bihar government? Is there a govt., in Bihar? Where are the gr8 Bihari leaders?... The estimated affected people in floods is reported around 25 lakh!!! a staggering number.
Now that it is declared National Calamity... all the news channels are jumping into Bihar, flying with IAF and bringing us the report..... they tell us how pathetic the relief camps are... the stories of a mother & infant, a father starving for 13 days... what is all these nonsense... people are suffering and you go in for stories... create sympathy, hook the viewers to boost TRP.... BS!. One news reporter from the prominent news channel says that how to get the relief material for the affected people. It is the height of stupidity!.... To all the news channels - Don't just talk... Start doing... With the contacts and power of communication... show us you are responsible corporation. How can you help them? This should be your motto... I do not deny that it's your primary responsibilty is bring in news but with the power in your hands you can do atleast small wonders!.... blaming the administration will not help.

Current Affairs.... Despair

A fresh day, Monday, 01 September 2008

On a Monday, lets look at the current state of affairs that are happening in India.

North India:
J&K curfew... violence is shaking the state for the last two weeks or more. There is no respite for the people from the Indian govt., the hindu samiti, the muslim fundamentalist.... as all the kashmiris say... 'we are cursed'... indeed all kashmiris are cursed... why would they alone suffer when you compare the peaceful life in other parts of India... It's agonising to see their disrupted life... life in fear.

A new term has come up 'Azad Kashmir'... Arundhati Roy started it a few weeks back... Kashmiris want autonomy from India and Pakistan... Would this be a better solution? There is no definite conclusion... if we have a referendum like the Europeans whether the kashmiris want autonomy I would like to assume there will be 50/50 chances..... In my opinion I like Kashmir to be with India... it is better that way. India is much better country and has long been pluralist state. The other option is Azad Kashmir.... which will be treated as a seperate country sorrounded by India, Pakistan, Nepal & China.... the nation has to build from start and it might take several decades or centuries to gain its status.... the downside is it has a danger of being another Bangladesh where poverty reigns.