Monday, September 01, 2008

Current Affairs.... Despair

A fresh day, Monday, 01 September 2008

On a Monday, lets look at the current state of affairs that are happening in India.

North India:
J&K curfew... violence is shaking the state for the last two weeks or more. There is no respite for the people from the Indian govt., the hindu samiti, the muslim fundamentalist.... as all the kashmiris say... 'we are cursed'... indeed all kashmiris are cursed... why would they alone suffer when you compare the peaceful life in other parts of India... It's agonising to see their disrupted life... life in fear.

A new term has come up 'Azad Kashmir'... Arundhati Roy started it a few weeks back... Kashmiris want autonomy from India and Pakistan... Would this be a better solution? There is no definite conclusion... if we have a referendum like the Europeans whether the kashmiris want autonomy I would like to assume there will be 50/50 chances..... In my opinion I like Kashmir to be with India... it is better that way. India is much better country and has long been pluralist state. The other option is Azad Kashmir.... which will be treated as a seperate country sorrounded by India, Pakistan, Nepal & China.... the nation has to build from start and it might take several decades or centuries to gain its status.... the downside is it has a danger of being another Bangladesh where poverty reigns.

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