Monday, September 01, 2008

Current Affairs.... Despair IV

Orissa, East India:

Almost forget to mention the clashes in Orissa... This communal clashes has become mandatory once in a while reminding us of the innocent suffering caused to human lives. When will these religious leaders wake up and act responsibly?

I believe the root cause of the problem lies in formal education... Orissa is a backward state on east coast of India where agriculture is major industry. Poor people are taken advantage by both the religions who are clashing now.... If the govt., can provide formal education free of cost to the rural people this type of communal clashes can be totally eradicated. In Tamilnadu where the caste take preference had caste based clashes in the early 70's and 80's but now Tamilnadu is safe state where the literacy is primary concern of each household. Eventhough there are small incidents they are controlled & defused by the police & state govt within days. But in Orissa this is spreading..... why? because of rumor mongers... rumor spreads thick and fast... people who are illiterate do not fear of the consequences because they do not know they are lighting the fire on their own house!!!!

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