Monday, September 01, 2008

Current Affairs.... Despair II

Bihar Floods, North India:
The next affair is the Bihar floods... It's been 15 days since the flood and no one is aware of the flood until Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declares it as 'National Calamity'. What were the news channels doing??? They were busy catching up the flares of J&K curfew and Amarnath land row because that is more interesting!!!... Where is the Bihar government? Is there a govt., in Bihar? Where are the gr8 Bihari leaders?... The estimated affected people in floods is reported around 25 lakh!!! a staggering number.
Now that it is declared National Calamity... all the news channels are jumping into Bihar, flying with IAF and bringing us the report..... they tell us how pathetic the relief camps are... the stories of a mother & infant, a father starving for 13 days... what is all these nonsense... people are suffering and you go in for stories... create sympathy, hook the viewers to boost TRP.... BS!. One news reporter from the prominent news channel says that how to get the relief material for the affected people. It is the height of stupidity!.... To all the news channels - Don't just talk... Start doing... With the contacts and power of communication... show us you are responsible corporation. How can you help them? This should be your motto... I do not deny that it's your primary responsibilty is bring in news but with the power in your hands you can do atleast small wonders!.... blaming the administration will not help.

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