Friday, August 08, 2008

Mumbai Darshan... One day tour.... continued

After Lunch Break.

We went to science museum but did not have much time to spend.... we hurried to Nehru Planetorium where the space show was waiting....

It was amazing show.... I saw it for the first time and the show explained moon, earth and sun. It was an one hour show... after that we left for Juhu beach or Juhu Chowapatty. The road to Juhu was endless... the bus was going and going and going.... it took one and half hours to reach Juhu... we sat in the beach sand for about half hour... visited the ISKON temple (where do these guys get the money to build these expensive temples???????) and had hot pradham.

By around 7.15 PM we left Juhu for Kandivali........ The bus was moving inch by inch on the S.V. Road and took us 2 hours to reach Kandivali on highway. We were all tired..... had dinner and went to sleep immediately.

Mumbai Darshan... One day tour.

We went on a one day tour... 'The Manhattan of India' or the financial capital of India, Mumbai. This was last saturday, 02 Aug 2008 with my in-laws.

We had to catch the tour bus at Kandivali (West) at 7.15 AM in the morning. The pickup point is just 3-4 kms from our apartment in Kandivali (East) but the taxi walahs were not willing to drop for such small distance and I had to pay him Rs. 150/- for five people. We were at the pickup point on time (skipped our breakfast!!!) but as usual the bus came at 8.00 AM.

The bus went to its first stop... ate its breakfast... I mean filled up its Diesel tank and started the journey. We stopped again at a centre point, I think at Khar Road and had our breakfast. I bought Vada Pav's which was a new kind for my wife and in-laws!. We changed a bus at Mahim since the other bus did not have enough tourists to get into the city. The tour guide name was Mohamed and he started his speech about the tour..... he was an impressive guy giving with a good clear voice, guiding us left & right.

The first place on tour was at a shopping mall, Atria where a 4D movie (3D + 1D - Feel) was screened specially for the tourists on Mumbai Darshan.... It was a special screening but the movie and the experience was a crap! Personally I did not feel anything and it wasn't a 3D movie... it was just a digital animation film on big screen. Our next visit was Mahalakshmi Temple, on the shores.

The next stop was at Hanging Garderns and Kamala Nehru Park at Malabar Hills. The guide explained us on the history of Hanging Garderns.... In Parsi Community the dead are first taken to the hospital, donate the usable organs and then dead body is taken to 'The Tower of Silence', where the body is cut into 4 pieces. This is then taken to the top of tower and the birds feast on them. In matter of hours only bones are left!!!! The birds use to dirty the water tanks after their feast, the then mayor ordered to close the water tanks and created a gardern. This was now called as Hanging Garderns.

Our next step was the famous The Gateway of India and lunch break.

A New Look....

After a long time I visited my blog!..... My last post was in Dec'07 some 8 months back... I must have been keeping busy with the work and family.

People say everyone changes after marraige..... I certainly did not think I would change.... I am not going to lie to myself than I did not change... I did change for the people who know me outwardly or in face. I want to think myself I have not changed a lot in soul or my way of thinking. Of course you will not know until you know me!.

I have changed the layout, design and colour of the blog.... Hope this new change in the blog will bring a change in me (how poetic !!!!)