Monday, December 10, 2007

Movie Review of Kalloori.

Movie Name: Kalloori
Cast: Tamanna and newcomers.
Director: Balaji Sakthivel.

I had booked the tickets for Kalloori based on the reputation of Balaji Sakhtivel's massive hit "Kadhal". When I came out after the movie, I would say I was generally satisfied. The reason behind "generally satisfied" is due to high expectation we (meaning the public) had on Balaji Sakhtivel. I had come to the movie looking for a riveting performance and an equally turnaround climax.

Now, on to the movie.... Almost all of characters are new faces to silver screen except the lead girl Tamanna. She is like an "Angel" in this film. 9 friends, both boys and girls from a school join the govt arts college after their 12th Std. They are close friends who have studied together right from their childhood and everyone has one or other family problems. When they are together in the school/college they forget about their family lives and enjoy themselves. Shobana (Tamanna), a fair girl, not belonging to the town has joined govt. arts college on temp basis, waiting for admission in a different college at Delhi. There is absolute difference between Tamanna and her classmates in terms with knowledge and look.

She gets acquainted with these 9 friends and they accept her as one of them. The journey starts from there.... the screenplay is solid as the movie goes on stage by stage. The things we have done in college, the friendship all are portrayed with ease and actually we go back to our college lives. At a point of time when things are going smooth, the hero, Muthu falls in love with Shobana due to the thoughts instilled by some characters. After that he is not able to get along with Shobana thinking about his status and her status. Shobana falls in love when she knows about Muthu's family conditions and she is not able to get along with Muthu after that. So, its a kind of delicate intimacy which sorrounds these two characters and the performance from lead roles is really very good.

The college ragging, eating together with friends under tree shade, sports function, college choir and intercollege competition, fighting with friends, misunderstanding with friends, mischevious in class all these have occured in our life which we see it on screen. There was especially two characters who come together, walk together and speak together. It was a good comedy done by both these cartoons all thru the college.

The screenplay flows like a steady stream of river with no stones unturned and the climax is a sudden jerk not a sudden fall like a big waterfall. When the river suddenly stops we feel... is this it?, I think that life is not like this.... there must be a big steep fall, run thru the stones with great speed, steady the flow with the ground level, then join the sea with a good flow. But this does not happen in Kalloori, hence satisfied but not fed enough. The climax is shocking but we dont feel the shock because of the steady screenplay. For about two hours or so we do not see any untoward incidents except a party rally violence when they are studying in college, so we actually dont feel the shock as it should have been.

Its a good movie and I hope it will run through in southern districts. I dont think the college students in metro city like Chennai have experienced this kind of incidents. They have friendship though but I dont see they can relate with themselves. This kind of college friends and happenings can only be seen in town/village colleges. I can relate to my own friends in college, we were great friends both boys and girls. Now, every bird has chosen its own destination.

I would like to see comments from students who studied in metro college and from town colleges. Lets see whether they are different.

Plus: Screenplay, Natural acting, Tamanna.
Minus: Somewhere along it becomes like a stage drama due to the fact that no new characters are introduced.