Monday, April 13, 2009

Review of 'Ayan' - Tamil Movie

It's been long time I wrote a review! I saw 'Firaaq', a Hindi movie by Nandita Das sometime back but didn't feel to write a review. Firaaq was more like Hindi version of 'Crash' and a documentary like movie. I just gave a pass!

I watched 'Ayan', new tamil movie starring Suriya and Tamanna last week. The movie is directed by KV Anand, a cinematographer turned Director. The first thing you notice on watching 5-10 mins into the movie is the 'fresh & green' feel. Surya is wonderful, he is young and you can feel it in this movie.

The movie has been approached to imitate Hollywood movies in terms of actions & stunts. The team has succeeded in bringing out the stunts to a new level and comparable to the best of Hollywood action. One more point, you can actually believe some of the stunts because of Surya's well toned body.

The lead lady Tamanna is fresh and cool-looking beauty who falls for Surya at first sight!!!! She will be in Tamil film industry for long I guess! The support cast includes Prabhu, Karunaas, Jegan and others have done their job according to their roles.

There is nothing new in the story. Surya is con-man who smuggles new film CDs to Diamonds via airport & seaport. He works for Prabhu who has connections at all levels. Then, there is a villian who wants to dethrone Prabhu's position in black market trade. There is a love angle with Tamanna who happens to be the sister of his colleague/friend. So, now you know how the story can go and end. There are portions of movie where it reminds of hollywood movies. It's like cut and paste. Then, there are times where you feel why is the movie not over yet?

I think its high time that the new set of directors avoid unnecessary songs. There are 2 songs in this movies which I feel can be removed. It's totally a waste of time, money and effort. The movie could have easily ended in one and half hours or one hour and forty five minutes. I do not know the compulsion of taking the movie to 2 hours and 15 min. I hope the viewers agree with me.

One of outstanding aspect is Cinematography. The photography is excellent, the colour is vibrant and refreshing. The scenes in Congo are really superb! Editing is sleek, music is good.

On a whole it's a good entertaining movie.

My rating for this movie is 3 stars out of 5.

Rating Details:
***** - Classic & Outstanding.
**** - Must Watch. Don't Miss!
*** - Good Movie. Watch it.
** - Watch it only if you really want to.
* - Not worth your money.