Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Attack on Women - Mangalore Pub incident.

I saw this clipping on a news channel when I was in for a vacation last week. The attack on women completely shocked me... I was in disbelief for a moment. How can someone do such a thing in public and when the camera was on! The attackers are defending for their acts. It is such a shame that the TV channels are giving a chance to speak in front of the camera for defending their attacks.


They should be beaten to death as they claim to be done in some muslim countries. The attackers claim they are guardians of hindu culture. What Hindu Culture? They absolutely do not know their history or their culture, just half baked goondas trying to get cheap publicity and I still cannot believe that they actually beat the ladies out there. What is that the ladies tried to do? just having few drinks with fellow men is nothing! In a country where women are considered gods the attackers are just madmen! they have lost their sense and identity. The attackers must be punished severely so that this kind of incident never happens again!