Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review of Tamil Movie: Polladhavan...

Movie Name: Polladavan
Cast: Dhanush, Ramya, Karunaas, Santhanam, Banupriya and others.
Directed by: Vetri Maran.

The review title says it all... it is a simple movie that happens in our, every other neighbourhood. Friends, Family and a love on bus for more than a year. The events depicted in the movie should have happened to everyone at some stage of their life until the hero clashes with the villians.

Dhanush or Prabu has portrayed the character with ease and elan. He is a bike lover and wants to own a bike someday but the financial burden in the family does not allow him to buy his dream bike. The story moves on with his friends and the girl he loves for a while and when there is fight between father and son at one time, Prabus' father gives some money. With the money Prabu gets his own dream bike and with that he gets a decent job. All are happy and his love life also starts blooming. I must mention here the remix of 'Engeyum Eppodum'.... it is youthful song and the theatre was frenzy for this song.... I thought of asking Once More.... it had electrifying effect. Surely this must become a super hit of 2007.

After a while, Prabus' bike is stolen and used for illegal business. He goes in search of his bike nook and corner of the city, lands in trouble with the local dada's brother. Thereafter it is a cat and mouse game between Daniel Balaji and Dhanush. Selvam, the local dada impressed very much.... I believe the local dada's are like him.... dada's don't disturb the public at any time, they do not interfere in public' life. I dont remember the actor name who did Selvam but he was terrific. Kudos to the actor and director.

A few words about the director and I will sign off.... In a simple story how can the director make it racy and enjoyable?. Well, Vetri Maran has done the trick.... he uses a two way narrative story telling.... one from hero's point of view and the other from Daniel Balaji's view... both the views are handled superbly. We are transformed into their worlds when they tell their point of story.... Its good and different. Virumaandi was handled on two different view points but it was not successful. The credit goes to the director who has etched out the characters and plots very well. A big cheers to you Vetri Maran. Well Done!!.

The music is good and racy although the item number could have been avoided. Camera work was neat and cool. All round it was an entertaining movie.

Go and watch in theatres if you have not seen already!!!!!.