Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hum Kise se kum nahin....

This is what Bihari's are trying to prove..... If MNS activists in Mumbai are trying to pose themselves as uneducated thugs then Biharis are matching with them by destroying public properties. What is the possible result is going to be achieved by disrupting and destroying public properties? I do not understand.

I must appreciate Lalu Prasad Yadav for being calm and effective on the situation.... He invited marathi manoos to come and write railway exams in Bihar.... Biharis will not stop them! or beat them... I believe this is the effective reply to Raj Thackeray who thinks he is the saviour of marathi manoos. Marathis or Biharis or anyone can prosper if and only if they are properly educated. Formal education is a must for everyone and education brings in culture where you can appreciate one's life.

I request to Raj Thackarey that instead of asking preference for Marathis in everything ask for formal education for everyone.... make sure that every child in Maharastra gets atleast upto high school education.... build schools and provide incentives for children if they attend the school... awareness is the key.... the prosperity will follow.... every child can become a hero. There is one tamil advertisement where all silver screen stars appear and appeal to children for a formal education. Make something happen as you are been accepted by millions of people as your leader.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mission to the Moon

It is a historic day, 22 October 2008 for India and every Indian. The mission to moon Chandrayaan-1 is a success!!!!!. I am proud on the successful launch of first unmanned mission to explore moon by India is doing perfect and orbiting as per plan.

I truly believe days for India has come.

* In the global financial crisis Indian banks and corporates are sealed from the ripple effect.....we have a sound financial system.

* Nuclear deal is a success and when we start to receive the raw materials for nuclear energy there will be a better future for our children and their children.

* In sports we are making stride, slow but steady growth can be seen in the coming years....

* Consumer spending or demand from consumers make corporates to innovate and in the new era we demand more, get more.

* Almost all the global companies have an eye on India and they have separate India strategy.

* Infrastructure is being upgraded at all the metro cities with respect to roads, power, telecom, airport/port and railways.

As I quote Abdul Kalaam's magic word "Dream"... it's time to dream and realise the dream... It is achievable in this new era.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I read an article in today's, 21 Oct 2008 newspaper Times of India. The article is about a leading bollywood actress walking on the ramp as a model for some designers. The actress goes on to say that she walked the ramp for a good cause... bringing awareness of breast cancer. How could possibly a fashion show in which a bollywood actress dons the role of model can bring about awareness on breast cancer? I cannot imagine how......... maybe I cannot stretch my imagination. Can anyone stretch your imagination and let the world know how this helps in creating awareness of breast cancer????????? A fashion show is where fashion designers sell their work to prospective buyers.... it's that simple.

People are pathetic (including myself)..... first thing the reporter who reported it, the editor who approved for publishing and the readers who are tempted to read about bollywood actresses.