Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mission to the Moon

It is a historic day, 22 October 2008 for India and every Indian. The mission to moon Chandrayaan-1 is a success!!!!!. I am proud on the successful launch of first unmanned mission to explore moon by India is doing perfect and orbiting as per plan.

I truly believe days for India has come.

* In the global financial crisis Indian banks and corporates are sealed from the ripple effect.....we have a sound financial system.

* Nuclear deal is a success and when we start to receive the raw materials for nuclear energy there will be a better future for our children and their children.

* In sports we are making stride, slow but steady growth can be seen in the coming years....

* Consumer spending or demand from consumers make corporates to innovate and in the new era we demand more, get more.

* Almost all the global companies have an eye on India and they have separate India strategy.

* Infrastructure is being upgraded at all the metro cities with respect to roads, power, telecom, airport/port and railways.

As I quote Abdul Kalaam's magic word "Dream"... it's time to dream and realise the dream... It is achievable in this new era.

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