Monday, September 01, 2008

Current Affairs.... Despair III

Singur, East India:

Singur has now gained world prominence..... thanks to Mamata Banarjee... actually the thanks should have gone to the Tatas.... for the Nano, the world's cheapest car which was suppose to roll out from Singur plant. Now that Mamata is keen on driving out Tatas from Singur, West Bengal as a state will further sink down in rating for investment.

On the economic front the tata plant should have been a gr8 opportunity for the region in the long run.... A major factory creates direct employment for a few but the indirect employment gains are a lot momentum... the economic activity in that region would have gained prominence like road, communication, transportation, real estate and others business associated with the plant. If tata's had been a success the other automobile factories would have shown interest in West Bengal... which means more investment and more employment. It will be a major loss for the state if Tata's decide to pull out.... which I doubt because of the investment made in Singur.

On the sociological front as per the claims of Mamata the land is grabbed from the residents and given to Tata in a hurry. If this was the case why did she allow the plant to be built at the first place? She went on a fast earlier this year, against the plant and compromised a while later. She is now again taken the baton to drive the Tata's out. Is this stunt only for political gain? If this is true then how would the multinationals come in for investment? They look at India and not as a seperate state. We are on a economic growth path which can grow when others from the outside world especially the developed nation particpate in it.

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