Thursday, August 28, 2008

Review of Mumbai Meri Jaan - Hindi.

Directed By: Nishikanth Kamat.
I had seen this movie last saturday, 23 August 2008 and thinking of writing the review for the last 5 days.....
The movie is good... no doubt about it... casting, screenplay and actors performances are brilliant... everyone deserves a credit but there is something missing.... and I am not able to locate the missing part... hence the delay in writing the review.
The film is down to earth... very close to our lives especially Paresh Rawal's character and Soha Ali Khan's. I believe that the lower grade police in Maharashtra State Police can directly link with Paresh Rawal character. They have nothing to do... no work... just to hang on with Police department and go with the flow of the system.
Soha Ali Khan's is the best of the lot...she is a reporter in a news channel, covers wide range of stories in the state and when the train blasts happens in suburban train she becomes a story. The irony stands out throughout the film and Soha has done a good job.
Kay Kay's character was a bit okay but completely not convincing, maybe because you know the ending with Kay Kay. Irfan Khan's character too is almost convincing purely of his acting skills.... I am totally not convinced because the director could have chosen a Ravi Khale or the telegu villian who is present in RGV movies (forgot his name!)... it would have been more authentic.
Madhavan... the final of the lot... is okay with the given character. A person who looks for his environment and travels in train although he can afford a car. A person who asks the roadside vendor not to give plastic bags to customers is seen to give a bag of fruits to his friend who is in hospital... guess what... the bag is a plastic bag!. I hope the director missed out or kept it for irony, that system does not change!!!!!!!!!!
And the common thing..... every major character cries (except Kay Kay)..... thats depressing... I guess this was the reason for me in writing the review so late. They are part of the system and everyone knows it...they are helpless and we can feel it through ourselves. When I say they are helpless... we are helpless... we got to go by the system and there is no way to beat the system, especially in India. If someone tries to break away or break in the system they are trapped... and they break!
Final verdict... Dombivili Fast - Real, Mumbai Meri Jaan - 'Made up' Real.

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