Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IIPM and its claims.

It is very disturbing to see a full page ad on 29th Nov 2005 in all the leading daily newspaper of IIPM claiming all sorts of things. After the recent happenings with Gaurav Sabnis and fellow bloggers, IIPM is trying to intimidate US ALL by its money. I am personally terrified to see these ads, there are thousands of young people and their parents who do not know the fact of IIPM.

What are we going to do about it?. I dont know. These repetitive ads means only one thing. Money is Power. You can do whatever WHATEVER you want if you have Money. This is disturbing!!!!!!!. This is not the message that younger generations should learn.

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Jagan Mohan said...

:) Keep writing Sriram.
In today's world where every media outlet has an agenda to fulfill, the blogosphere alone has the promise to rise above journalistic arrogance and claim to represent the views & opinions of the common man.

Next time you get bombarded with those huge IIPM ads, take some time to frisk them line by line.