Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Movie Review of 'Kaminey' - Hindi

I had to see it yesterday as it was a delay release in Mumbai partly because of the promo and the positive reviews in the past few days.

The first comment I wanted to write is Fuper movie! Shahid Kapoor in a dual role as Guddu and Charlie are excellent infact the entire cast is fuper sorry super. The credit must go to the script and the casting director. The caper genre movies seems easy on the screen but the amount of work that goes through behind the scenes are enormous. As with Kaminey the story revolves around the brothers, one a good guy and the other a race bookie/gangster. The circumstances lead both of them to the darkest underworld of Mumbai and how they fight for their survival is the plot summary.

I thought the film was slow with some predictable sequences or maybe I could see it coming. The other day I saw this movie 'Sankat City' which is also a Caper genre and the story revolves around 5-8 characters. Sankat City was also a brilliant movie but it had no big names or production house or big budget. It was noticed, had positive reviews but failed to make impact. Kaminey will leave a huge impact on the audiences as the style and scale of the movie is comparable with hollywood movies. If you have seen Pulp Fiction or Snatch similar kind of movies they are simple, no exaggerated facts but with Kaminey the presentation goes overboard. The sleek style and simplicity is missing! with no unpredictable twist.

The song 'Dhan ta ten' is simply amazing. The effects can be felt in the theatre, the song which we see daily on TV is nothing when compared to listening there. I am sure this will be superstardom for Shahid Kapoor and he deserves it. If he wants to retain it and move on he has to be selective on the future scripts.

My rating for this movie is 3 stars out of 5.

Rating Details:
***** - Classic & Outstanding.
**** - Must Watch. Don't Miss!
*** - Good Movie. Watch it.
** - Watch it only if you really want to.
* - Not worth your money.

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