Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Review of Subramaniapuram - Tamil

I saw this movie on the weekend. One word to describe the movie....'Brilliant'. The plot, story, script, backdrop, screenplay, casting and music are on par with excellence. Hats off to the director M. Sasikumar for making a movie that can compared with Hollywood movies.

The backdrop the movie is set in 1980's, in a small town at Madurai (my hometown) in down South of India. I was a kid during these days but I remember in the 80's Madurai was referred to as not big to be a city and not too small to be called as village. It was an in-between city and my uncles were in their teenage or just completed during 80's. The 80's era was like you need to be very good in order to survive or else you are left behind. This 'survival of the fittest' applies even today but it was severe during 80's. The youths of 80's were irresponsible and did not knew the consequences of their actions which is aptly shown by the lead characters in the movie.

The events of movie moves step by step in a normal pace. The screenplay never shakes since the director brings the best of everyone involved in the film. The story goes like this - 5 friends who hang around a local politician all day and night jobless.... just to show that they have someone to backup in case of problems. The two lead characters played by Jai and Sasikumar would go into fight for petty issues which lands them at local police station. The brother of local politician comes up everytime to save them from the police. So, when they do a big job for them to show their thanks the rescue never comes. The two then set to take revenge on the politician's family and in between this revenge the 'new status' bring them more trouble leading to blood bath in the particular area, Subramaniyapuram.

There is a love track between Jai and Swathi who comes from the politician's family. The track is beautiful and blends with the main story. Every character is treated as important as the two lead characters. If I retrospect the movie I can see that each and every character had their own traits and used to the fullest.

Jai - has a bad temper, perishes.
Sasikumar - is a close friend of Jai, perishes.
Kanja Karuppu - is greedy and lusts on money, perishes.
Swati - is young and vulnerable. Used by the family.
Handicapped youth - supports Jai and Sasikumar.
Local Politician - Politicians... you know how they can be.
Younger brother of local politician - Betrays Jai and Sasikumar, perishes.

I compare it to Hollywood movies, the reason is - we are not used to such characters. You will find villians in the movies who are meant to do bad on hero & his family but this is completely a different genre. The heroes in this movie are anti-heroes and everyone has a grey side or betrayal side. This makes the movie on par with classic or great movies.

I need to mention on the art work.... every care is taken to get the backdrop right. The temple function, serial lights, the dressing style, the hair style and the crudeness of the youth.

Experience it and you will know what I mean!!!!!!!!!

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