Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Living in Terror.

Each and every household in the Northern parts of India are discussing about the terror strikes - bomb blasts that has happened in recent months. The latest bomb blast on last Saturday at New Delhi (27 Sep 2008) and yesterday's bomb blasts at Gujarat & Maharashtra has left us (the people) to live in/with terror. Although we are strong enough and contend that it did not happen in our own backyard, there is a sense of fear instilled on everyone's life. My wife is already telling me that she is afraid of going in Mumbai local train. I think this is the case with every household living in this part of the country yet we go to business every day as usual! I do not think its the courage but as said in the movie 'A Wednesday' we are used to it! We definitely get used to everything and anything very soon! The adaptability at its best! Even the terrorists will get tired of their acts because the response from people, administration, politicians remains the same.... Nothing changes!!!!.

As I come from South India I cannot hold to compare this environment with the South Indian environment. South India, particularly Tamilnadu and Kerala are largely peaceful. There can be communal violence seen but not between religions. Why do we see such fanatics of a particular community from North India? I rationalise that this is due to

* Discrimination by the majority community.
* Lack of Education.
* Negligency from the governments state and central.
* Inferiority complex among the minority community.

The environment is better in South India largely due to proper education is available to all.... I will not say there is no discrimination at all but by and large the discrimination is tolerable (I guess). Everyone is treated by their background in education, work and status and not by religion. All have equal opportunities in South India when compared in North India in terms of education or work or business.

Any opinions? Am I correct or gross wrong in my judgement?

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