Monday, September 15, 2008

Movie Review of 'A Wednesday' - Hindi

Last Saturday, 13 Sep 2008 I had been to this movie after reading a series of good reviews.... I must say it did not disappoint!!! The movie is good, excellent screenplay and a plain script with no masala flavour. I also believe the script is original from the director Neeraj Pandey. With so many remakes and copy cats in Bollywood it is good to see an original movie!

The narration of the movie is done by Anupem Kher who has done his role to the 'T' portraying as Maharashtra Police Commissioner... The instructions from the commissioner fly high during the tense hours and he is comfortable doing the role. Nasureedin Shah, another actor who has portrayed the character of 'Aam Aadmi' with elan. He fits into the role and upon his instructions the movie moves forward. The rest of the crew have done their job! Kudos to the team of 'A Wednesday'.

By looking at the way movie went forward and with the pre-conception that I knew what was going to happen to the terrorists the suspense was gone.... I believed that there is no motive for Nasureedin Shah to ask for release of terrorists because he was so simple and the obvious motive was that shown in the movie!. Maybe I watch too many films that I can pre-conceive the ideas or it maybe because of the reviews that I read before watching the movie.

The question raised by the movie is "What if.....". Again, this comes to the subject of the system in India. As in my last review Mumbai Meri Jaan I said it's very difficult to break the system. If we try to break, we break. Nasureedin Shah tries to break the system and as shown in the movie, he succeeds although the way he does may be a question. I am sure this movie will remain as a fantasy for a 'Common man or Aam Aadmi'. I am skeptical if anyone dares to do it... Will anyone in real life take such steps?....

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