Monday, October 06, 2008

Jab We Met.

We saw this movie in a bus while traveling from Delhi to Agra on a one day tour during Aug'08. My initial thought was 'not a stupid Hindi movie again' and that too on a morning but surprisingly the movie was good. It is better movie than any other hindi films which has hyped up marketing, promos and make you believe that is not there in the movie. This movie was hilarious right from the start when Kareena joins Shahid Kapoor in a train. The journey thus begins.

The lead pair have acted well and is an example of well crafted screenplay, simple plot and no masala flavour. Why am I writing now.... because we had a chance to see this movie again yesterday, 04 Oct'08 on 9X channel and I wanted to put down my comments on it. You do not get to see good films often in bollywood, I give a thumbs up for this movie.

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