Thursday, September 25, 2008

New LPG Connection.

I got a new LPG (Cooking Gas) connection yesterday, 24 Sep 2008 and it was pretty easy in Mumbai. Just registered with HP Gas online, took the print out and went to the dealer with the rental agreement copy, made payment, just like that it was finished. Whereas in Chennai or anywhere in South India most of the LPG dealers follow stringent norms, ask for documents, verify them and when the new connection is approved it will be atleast 7-10 days before the gas cylinder comes to your house.

The only similarity is the complaints with dealers..... It is all the same... Consumers complaining that the cylinder has not arrived even after booking before 10 days back and so on. The dealers are very cool and it's their daily routine to deal with such customers. I cannot imagine sitting at the other side of the desk with the dealer..... every day the phone rings continously for booking and complaints. It's a mad world out over there with the demand and supply not meeting on right terms.

The other hitch in getting the new connection is the purchase of new stove from the dealer. It is written that PURCHASE OF HOT PLATE IS NOT COMPULSORY but as you all would have experienced it IT IS COMPULSORY to purchase the stove or else you are not given immediate connection. I had to pay for the stove although I did not want to. I could have easily fought with HP Gas and avoided the extra payment but still I did not have the courage fearing the future relationship turn sour with the dealer. I believe this is the repeated mistake that we all make in order to keep things smooth and the system take advantage of us.

I think I will fight with HP Gas and find out the root cause. I believe there must be a mafia or group behind this nationwide with the insiders from HP Gas.

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