Monday, September 22, 2008

Official Oscar Entry - Taare Zameen Par

Aamir does it again... after Lagaan which went for nominations for Oscar in 2001... his directorial debut of the film Taare Zameen Par has been nominated from India for Best Foreign Film Category for the year 2008.

Here is the story

It is one of the closest film to my heart!. Everything is perfect in this film... the plot, the screenplay, the actors, camera, lighting, flow of the story.... a complete movie. If there is someone who does not get emotional at the end of the film.... he/she must be retard. There are so many criticism for and against this film.... in the end whatever the criticism is it touches your heart.

I saw a part of this movie in my cousin's place at Tuticorin who was raving about the film.... I enjoyed the full movie in Chennai and I cried at the scene where Darsheel sees Aamir painted him on the paper at painting competition. One of true defining moments!

I sincerely hope TZP wins the Oscar which is long due for India.

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