Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gautam Gambhir ban appeal rejected.

Gambhir's appeal for one test match is rejected by the ICC. Here is the full story of verdict

It seems that you can provoke a player any number of times but can get past with a small fine. Why did Gambhir elbow Watson or under what circumstances he elbow? No body is seemed to bother about this question at all. Why would someone come into physical contact with the opposite team player?

Sunil Gavaskar is the only player who is raising this question boldly. There is a biased verdicts on white players when compared to the Subcontinent players. It is always the maximum penalty for players from Subcontinent whereas the white nation players are mildly let off with a fine. I must support Sunil Gavaskar at this juncture, atleast he is outspoken on this issue.

Spread the news across and support for Sunil Gavaskar.

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