Monday, November 03, 2008

Thrilling Finish at F1 World Championship.

Yesterday, 02 Nov 2008 was the final race for F1 at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here is the background for you

Lewis Hamilton of Mclaren leads the points table and Felipe Massa is at the second place. Massa needs to win this final race to win the drivers championship and Hamilton needs to finish the race atleast by 5th place. Massa is ready at pole position and Hamilton starts the race from 4th position. The stage is set.

Massa leads the race with Alonso behind him at 2nd, Raikkonen at 3rd and 4th position was constantly under change with Glock, Vettel and Hamilton. Hamilton was driving the race at 5th position most of the race and the pit strategy worked for all. Ferrari, Mclaren, Renault, Toyota, Torro Rosso every car maker made no mistake at the pit. This put to Massa in the lead and Hamilton at 5th. The classification after 3 pit stops around 55 laps completed, Massa - 1st, Alonso - 2nd, Raikkonen - 3rd, Glock-4th, Hamilton-5th and Vettel-6th. Vettel at 6th position was on the tail of Hamilton and pushing hard at him. During the lap 68 Kubica who was a lap behind Hamilton made a move that led Vettel ahead of Hamilton. Vettel was in 5th place now with 2 laps remaining and Hamilton was at 6th place. This could ruin his dream of becoming world champion.

At the chequered flag after 2 min, Massa won, Alonso second and Raikkonen finishing 3rd. You thought and the 100,000 thousand home fans at the grand stand thought Massa won the world championship because Hamilton was on 6th. But hold on to your breadth... Glock who was in 4th position has some trouble at the final curve leading to the finish line. Vettel goes past him, finishes 4th and Hamilton right behind him finishes 5th. Have you ever imagined a race like this? I could not believe it! Hamilton won the world championship and Massa lost it by 1 point. It was a great race full of drama(!) and pure adrenalin finish.

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