Monday, November 03, 2008

Movie Review of Fashion - Hindi

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and others
Directed By: Madhur Bhandarkar

I was keen to watch this film from the date of release, 29 Oct 2008. I had seen few glimpses of Chandni Bar and Traffic Signal by Madhur Bhandarkar. His films have the original feel or the real life feel in a particular backdrop. This time the fashion world is the backdrop.

Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) is an aspiring young model from Chandigarh who land into Mumbai in search of her dreams. She is guided by one of the top designer assistant, who is one of the gay. Yes, there are few more gays and it seems that the fashion world particulary has gay designers and they are successful! She does not immediately lands into ramp walk and learns the intricacies of fashion world. When the time comes and with the blessings of business tycoon who runs the fashion industry she becomes the face of fashion.

I do not want to miss out the character played by Kangana. She is superb! excellent acting and her ramp presence is electrifying with the apt music on the background. When she is on ramp all eyes are on her (no blinking!) and she carries the aura required for super model. But when she is at backstage she is a depressed lonely women who lost her identity.

Back to Priyanka's career. She becomes super model and the tycoon who lifted her to top takes advantage of her. One fine day, when she says she is pregnant he dumps her and her attitude becomes arrogant. The transformation from a small town model to super model is as fast as the downturn in her career. The speed at which she goes up, she comes down at a double speed! When she is not in control, she loses herself and heads back to home.

The revival comes after one year when her father persuades to complete her dream. The rest of the story you must have guessed by now. The storyline is expected and the turn of events happen just you thought. So, I feel the spice is missing a lil bit.

Priyanka Chopra carries herself as Meghna Mathur, the changes that are brought in herself are subtle like when she leaves her boyfriend she goes for the cigarette. When the tycoon dumps her she goes for drinking. Kangana as I said, she is brilliant on ramp and off ramp. Other characters do their job. Overall it's a good movie where you can see the glimpses of fashion industry on the backstage.

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